Emerson Olivia

I was blessed with a sweet baby niece in mid May. Emerson Olivia enter this world and I was honored to capture the moment and just 7 days later photograph her in my brothers new home. This is their first child and it is such a blessing to watch them blossom into parents. Emmy is perfect in every way and we are all so happy to have her  in this crazy big family of ours ! 15.5.22_HHP_Emerson_Newborn_edits-1715.5.22_HHP_Emerson_Newborn_edits-2Emmy Seak Peek15.5.22_HHP_Emerson_Newborn_edits-2315.5.22_HHP_Emerson_Newborn_edits-2815.5.22_HHP_Emerson_Newborn_edits-26

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