Its that time of the year. When students cross the threshold of academic achievement and into the world they go armed with degrees ! Bianca recently completed a degree in Communications from CSULB and her future is bright. Who knows where the world will take her but I know that she will go into each endeavor with a smile and a kind heart. She is filled with love for her family and friends and I simply adore her. 5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-1-2Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-1Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-9Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-2Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-35Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-42Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-58Bianca_CSULB_Edits5.8.15_HHP_Bianca_Senior_Session_CSULB-56Bianca_CSULB_Edits

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