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Whew… that was a whirl wind! So many families captured and with only a 8  day until Christmas (and the baby is sleeping) I thought I would share some of my favorites from all of the mini holiday sessions ! Thank you to each and every family and I hope all of your Christmas cards where a huge hit !

11.10 Palma Family Holiday Session-2911.10 Palma Family Holiday Session-2811.10 Palma Family Holiday Session-3311.10 Palma Family Holiday Session-2111.10 Palma Family Holiday Session-1511.15 Hiatt Holiday Mini Session Edits-4511.15 Hiatt Holiday Mini Session Edits-4411.15 Hiatt Holiday Mini Session Edits-2911.15 Hiatt Holiday Mini Session Edits-2311.15 Hiatt Holiday Mini Session Edits-411.17 Gramenz Family Holiday Session Edits-11-611.17 Gramenz Family color Holiday Session Edits-11-3211.17 Gramenz Family Holiday Session Edits-11-4011.20 Klichan Family Edits-11a-18snow11.20 Klichan Family Edits-11-3411.20 Klichan Family Edits-11-2611.20 Klichan Family Edits-11-2111.30 Bjorklund-Snapper Family Session Edits-4911.30 Bjorklund-Snapper Family Session Edits-911.30 Bjorklund-Snapper Family Session Edits-1811.08 Cooper Edits-1911.08 Cooper Edits-1511.08 Cooper Edits-411.08 Cooper Edits-1211.08 Morad Family Edits-1 copy11.08 Morad Family Session-12-18

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