Lulu & Bella



Meet Lulu & Bella. These two sisters are from the East Coast and I had the privilege to capture them while on vacay “back home.” These two where so adorable for my camera and even helped with setting up a few shots that came out killer. There is no friendship on this earth like that of two sisters. 6.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-36.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-46.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-96.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-146.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-166.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-206.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-306.26_14_HHP_Lulu_Bella_Edits-31

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