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I watched this sweet little girl take her first breath & was honored enough to document all the moments leading up to her debut. I never shared those private moments but the emotion of watching my own brother welcome his first child was an honor and knowing she will be able to look at those images and see all that love someday is a treasure. This weekend we will celebrate this little bright lights first birthday with family & friends- how quickly her first year went. Last week my sister in law & I snuck off before sunset to capture sweet Emerson. I really wish I would have grabbed a few rolls of film for this session- the afternoon was perfect and the sun was washing everything in warm light- but what my digital camera captured was magic.

Emerson the world is your oyster sweet girl & your Auntie loves you. 16.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1emmerson post 216.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-416.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-516.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1116.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1016.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1316.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1216.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1516.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1916.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1416.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1716.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-1816.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-816.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-916.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-16Emerson Post 316.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-20Emerson Post 416.5.11_HHP_Emerson_FirstYear_Edits-21Emerson Post 1

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