Chloe’s Six Month

Meet Chloe. This big eyed beauty stole my heart over the weekend during her six month shoot. I just could not get over her eyes and that ADORABLE little felt floral crown. Which her super talented mama made! ( Want the crown? Me too? Nicole’s Etsy store: Honey Baby Blooms is launching soon!) You may remember Nicole from her bridal session… now six months into motherhood and she is more beautiful than ever. She wasn’t planing on having her photo taken but could you blame me? Hello ??? We know where Chloe gets her good looks from ! This little girl is going to be a heart breaker !3.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-1wm3.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-43.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-1-2Triptych_Chloe3.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-133.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-93.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-143.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-193.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-303.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-373.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-393.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-383.27.15_HHP_Chloe_6months_edits-40

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