Baby Kyleigh

17.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-25WMLast week I had the pleasure of photographing my brand new baby niece Kyleigh. She entered the world early and unexpectedly in March. She is just the sweetest little baby and I am so happy she decided to make her debut before her induction dates on April Fools day ! She is a little girl already after my own heart- breaking all the rules and marching to her own drum. This is my sisters fifth little bundle of joy- and we are so blessed by her sweet little spirit.

17.3.27_HHP_Kyleigh_Newborn_Sneak-117.3.27_HHP_Kyleigh_Newborn_Sneak-217.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-117.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-617.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-917.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-1717.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-2217.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-2817.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-4017.3.29_HalleighHillPhotography_Kyleigh_Lauren_Newborn_Edits-42 copy 2

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