Maria & Mike | The Wedding



Mike & Maria were wed last Saturday in a beautiful intimate ceremony at Villa Del Sol D’Oro. A carpet of pink petals lined the aisle as this beautiful bride made her way to her groom. Sticking to tradition these two chose not to do a first look- and it was absolutely worth the look on the grooms face as Maria made her way towards him.  As the sun began to dip down – while surrounded by their family and friends they danced for the first time  as husband and wife.  Guest sipped champagne as they dinned under the stars. It was an unforgettable event- with no detail forgotten. It was an honor to be part of their big day. Here is just a few of our favorite moments. Enjoy.

15.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-115.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4815.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-615.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4715.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-515.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4015.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-715.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-5015.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4915.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-815.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-915.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-5115.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2515.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-5215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4615.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1415.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4115.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4515.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3015.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3115.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-25-315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2615.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2715.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-25-315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_EDITS-1-215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1715.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1515.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1015.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_EDITS-215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1815.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2915.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-1915.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2815.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2115.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2415.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4315.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-4415.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-2715.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3515.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-25-215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-3415.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-25-215.9.25_HHP_Maria&Mike_Wedding_SneakPeek-30Venue: Villa Del Sol D’Oro | Florist: Wen Floral | Photographer: Halleigh Hill Photography | Second Shooter: Tegyn Friedman | Video: A Motion Video | Dress: Jaclyn’s Bridal

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