Daniel & Kiley | Engaged



Meet Daniel & Kiley. I have known Daniel since I was just a tween and we have remained friends since college. When I first learned he had popped the question to Kiley I was overcome with joy! They had met the previous year after a mutual friend of Kiley & Daniel- had decided to set the two to them up. Not even knowing Daniel’s current relationship status Ann took a leap of faith and decided they would be perfect together. She was right ! After a blind date the two quickly fell in love. Being with them I know that they complete one another and I am so excited to be part of their love story- and capture one of the biggest days of their lives. I had the best time getting to know Kiley – and can say Daniel has met his perfect match. Only 6 more weeks till they say I do!


Hybrid session shot on Fuji400 | Contax645 | Processed by The Find Lab

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