Brianne + Tom : Talega Golf Course



On a perfectly cool but sunny day in San Clemente, Brianne and Tom invited their closest family and friends to celebrate as they joined together as man & wife. A day that overflowed with faith, of love, and champagne. The entire day from beginning to end exuded a calmness that I have never witnessed before. Usually on a wedding day there is always something… that does not go according to plan. Yet  Bri & Tom’s day was absolute understated perfection.  The ceremony was remarkable in every way, a perfect depiction of their unbreakable union. As Tom looked down upon his Bride I knew without a shadow of doubt, that he had fallen in love with her from the very moment he saw her.  It was such an honor to take part and document a love that I know will only multiply as the years go on.  A love built on the foundation of faith. 5.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Post_Dp_35.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-35.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-25.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-15.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-45.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-75.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-55.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-95.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-155.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Post_Dp_25.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-145.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-185.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-135.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-65.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-125.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-115.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-165.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-175.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-83-45.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-525.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-195.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-205.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Post_Dip_15.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-255.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-245.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-83-8 copy5.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-83-55.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-275.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-265.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-285.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-295.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse5.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-355.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-405.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-415.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-435.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-445.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-465.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-495.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-505.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-455.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-485.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-515.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-545.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-305.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-585.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Post_Dp55.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-565.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-83-65.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-605.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-615.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-83-7Diptych 35.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-70Diptych 735.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-645.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-655.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-665.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-675.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-63Diptych 55.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-745.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-755.23.14_HHP_Waterhouse_Wedding_Edit-39

Venue: Talega Golf Course

Florals: Cheers Floral Creations

Entertainment: Paul Jones

Officiant: Steve Johnson

Cake: All About the Cake

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